Art Urbain/Street Art

  • Speedy Graphito Sun7 mai 2007
    This section displays a few examples from over 120,000 pictures taken all over the world (over 25 countries) on this subject. Street Art is a major contemporary art movement which crosses boundaries with specific cultural identities. It is an ephemeral art in an open air museum : the walls of our cities. The walls speak...let them tell you their stories...


  • Belleville_juin_2007
    une affiche déchirée, un message détourné, un nouveau regard sur nos murs... a torn poster, a new message, another look on our walls...


  • Vélorution juin 2007
    Photography and portraits are so closely linked : the first pictures ever made were pics of people. Black and white gives another dimension to this kind of photography with a dramatic impact close to esthetism.


  • Paris octobre 2005
    Ads are a part of our urban landscape...often imposed, sometimes provocative, it can also be distorted according to the way we look at them.


  • Johannesburg novembre 2006
    So close to real life, those dummies look at us in their frozen posture. Do they wake up when shops are closed? probably...


  • Métro juin 2007
    The camera captures the speed, the movement, the people who transit everyday in the underground, subway, metro or U Bahn. Have a good trip !

Urban Design

  • Sydney Opera
    Architecture, abstract shapes, design pictures are in this section


  • Estadao de Sao Paulo
    see list of exhibitions and publications


  • Murografismos
    April 2005 : the UAM of Mexico sponsors the edition of an art book "MUROGRAFISMOS" 141 pages, format 26 x 34 (cm), 133 photos Cover photo : Berlin Wall

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23 février 2010


Can u explain?

I realize that street art and vandalism are two very different things, but those people using the hoses are removing that art because apparently whomever owns the building did not give them permission to put it there. Whenever I see "art" that is pasted on a wall without permission I think what a waste, because it will come down. My neighborhood has been vandalized by so called artist many times and each time, it is removed because it is not their property. Why don't they put their "art" in their very pretty and clean neighborhoods? Or better yet what about putting it on their own family's houses?

When the vandals are paid by the city hall.. Awful :)

Crikette Guilimaux

I agree with you. I saw it happend by a french brigad of painters paid by the cityhall and a beautifull âinting of Zoo project got erased in no time. Close to me in the 11°, the come by regularly with their van and painting :-(. it's sad !



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