Art Urbain/Street Art

  • Speedy Graphito Sun7 mai 2007
    This section displays a few examples from over 120,000 pictures taken all over the world (over 25 countries) on this subject. Street Art is a major contemporary art movement which crosses boundaries with specific cultural identities. It is an ephemeral art in an open air museum : the walls of our cities. The walls speak...let them tell you their stories...


  • Belleville_juin_2007
    une affiche déchirée, un message détourné, un nouveau regard sur nos murs... a torn poster, a new message, another look on our walls...


  • Vélorution juin 2007
    Photography and portraits are so closely linked : the first pictures ever made were pics of people. Black and white gives another dimension to this kind of photography with a dramatic impact close to esthetism.


  • Paris octobre 2005
    Ads are a part of our urban landscape...often imposed, sometimes provocative, it can also be distorted according to the way we look at them.


  • Johannesburg novembre 2006
    So close to real life, those dummies look at us in their frozen posture. Do they wake up when shops are closed? probably...


  • Métro juin 2007
    The camera captures the speed, the movement, the people who transit everyday in the underground, subway, metro or U Bahn. Have a good trip !

Urban Design

  • Sydney Opera
    Architecture, abstract shapes, design pictures are in this section


  • Estadao de Sao Paulo
    see list of exhibitions and publications


  • Murografismos
    April 2005 : the UAM of Mexico sponsors the edition of an art book "MUROGRAFISMOS" 141 pages, format 26 x 34 (cm), 133 photos Cover photo : Berlin Wall

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